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Minute 58: Eriksen Spreads A Beautiful Ball Wide Left For Son

58 minutes: Eriksen spreads a beautiful ball wide left for Son, who cuts inside and seems to caress a curler into the top right.  Son gets too much on it; it is high and wide. 57 minutes: Barzagli clips the back of Son's leg.  There's no real demand for it.  He's the sole Juve defender still to be reserved, and that is still true. 56 minutes: See also: Alli.  He is reserved for a high-studs prod on Khedira.  A fair chance this will not end with 22 men on the field. 55 min: The official presence is 84,010.  The majority of them give Pjanic the bird as he gets involved in a ridiculous tussle with Alli in no man's land.  Juve is at risk of losing their heads.

53 minutes: Today there are pantomime boos as Chiellini cynically barges to Alli as the Spurs man looks to make down the left.  This was as cynical as they come since Juve were mild in the back and Eriksen was up with Alli, hoping to cause all kinds of trouble. 52 minutes: Eventually they flow ahead, and Costa earns a corner down the left.  However, Pjanic's dead-ball delivery is risible, hoicked within the box and from play on the opposing side.  Wembley provides a hearty ironic cheer. 51 minutes: Higuain faffs around in midfield and has the ball stolen his fur off by Vertonghen. Juve has not got going in this second half yet.  They can't afford a lot more of this. judi bola

49 minutes: Matuidi comes in late on Davies, as the Spurs man looks to start down on the left.  There is not much contact, so he escapes a booking, though that has been fairly full on.  Benatia goes in the book, however, for scratching his claws on Alli's arse.  That's a bad challenge and - like Pjanic before him, he will miss Juve's next game in Europe, whenever that is. 48 minutes: Incidentally, this is the first time Juve have trailed at a game since November. November! 47 minutes: Spurs load the box.  Eriksen pulls it back, though, for Vertonghen who drifted to the mixer from another angle.  He would have probably been shooting.

The teams are outside, and we are off again!  Juve gets the ball rolling to the next period, having once more awarded the ref what for regarding the punishment that never was.  Spurs are fast on the attack, however, Alli brought down to the left of the box by Costa.  A free kick in a very risky position. "When I do not have a dog in the race, as it had been, I tend to side with the group whose strip I like best, from a historical perspective," writes Simon McMahon. Thanks, Simon. And that is the end of a first half that is flown by.  Spurs are the better team; the goalscorer Son has been magnificent.  The people should have had a penalty kick, mind. 45 minutes: A little distance for Matuidi down the left.  He crosses deep for Higuain however, the remarkable Sanchez is in the way, and in any event, the flag goes up for offside.
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