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Minute 62: Lichtsteiner Is Sold For Benatia

77 minutes: Lamela dances his way out of a tight place close to the right-hand corner flag, and whips to the center.  However, Chiellini stoops to go powerfully apparent.  Then there is a suggestion that Costa handles on the edge of the box when chesting down to control.  The referee is not interested.  Eventually, Son dribbles purposefully down the left, but his cross does not find a white shirt. 76 minutes: Spurs start to edge their way into Juve land, with the people happy to sit back and soak up things.  Nothing doing at this time.  That is what Italian sides have excelled at for decades; this is really a test for Tottenham.  Wembley is starting to rediscover its collective voice, advocating the house heroes to push on. 74 minutes: Lamela is sold for Dier.

71 minutes: All of a sudden it is Spurs who look ragged.  They can not string two passes together at the present time.  Not at the Juve half anyway.  They should clean their heads and fast.  Juve has shown them it can be achieved. 70 minutes: Higuain should send Costa scooting into the Spurs box down the inside, but can not really find the pass.  Spurs can not afford to concede again. 69 minutes: This quick-fire turnaround has sent Wembley into shock.  The area was rebounding four moments past; today just the Italian fans are making a serious sound.  On the touchline, Mauricio Pochettino blows out his lips. Can his side react? agen sbobet terpercaya

Wembley is on edge all perfect.  This is so easy.  Higuain takes up ownership with his back to goal, 40 meters out.  He pulls three white shirts, spins, and plays with a cute reverse pass down the center to release Dybala!  Dybala has an age to consider it, but races into the area and lashes beyond Lloris and in the top right!  Now it is Spurs who must respond, or they are heading out of the Champions League! 66 minutes: Spurs are still going through on away goals.  However, Juve's change of creation has bolstered their midfield, and there has been an instantaneous dividend. He crosses. The ball sails a bit to the left, but Higuain nips facing Lloris, sticks out a leg, and guides it into the right-hand section of the net.  Game on!

62 minutes: Lichtsteiner is sold for Benatia.   Then the first symptom of panic all day by Spurs.   Sanchez heads upfield when Lloris was well positioned to take care of the circumstance.  The ball drops to Dybala on the right-hand corner of this box.  Dybala goes for the first time spectacular shot but gets it all wrong. 61 minutes: Asamoah immediately injects some pace down the left.  He slips the ball to Sandro, who bends into the Spurs box for Higuain. 60 minutes: The winners of Italy make their first shift. 59 minutes: Pjanic is really pushing his luck.  He slides on Eriksen, overdue.  A free kick, nothing longer.  The crowd is desperate to get another yellow to be flashed.  Spurs get on with it winning a fast corner down the left.  The set piece is struck long.  Kane tries to meet it at the far post with a telescopic leg, but can not get any meaningful touch on the ball.
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